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Intouchtanagorn Co.Ltd
“Seng Heng Banana Leaf Tofu”

Started doing business since 1955

It started by selling tofu at the first place at Talat Phlu.
The meaning of the origin of the word “Seng Heng” in Chinese means: prosperity
and good luck by choosing this name It is to pass on good fortune to consumers.

Later in the year พ.ศ. 1997 – 2008

Has been registered as Intachthanakorn Company Limited, which is a soybean processing factory in Samut Sakhon Province along with expanding channels Distributed to department stores under the brand Seng Heng Banana Leaf Tofu and has received GMP HACCP standards from Intertek.

2019 - 2021

The company is certified Valid IT organic soybean standard, which is an international organic standard accepted all over the world. It is the first factory.
and the only factory in Thailand that meets organic standards from European countries

Throughout the past 60 years

The company has continuously developed products and production processes.

We are committed to maintaining quality by adhering to 3 principles: honesty He is meticulous and traditional until he
has become a product processor from The most complete range of soybeans in Thailand which has products under
the brand Raw material format Including accepting OEM brand production for both
Food factories and many leading brands

We are meticulous from the raw material selection process. which the main raw material We hire soybeans to grow with farmers on the highlands in Pang Mu District, Mae Hong Son Province to help support local farmers. The planting area will be that has been standardized GAP includes native seeds which are non-GMO(s) soybeans.

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